104th Fighter Wing & 131st Fighter Squadron


A-10 Fini-Flights

I had the honor to photograph some of the A-10 fini-flights. Posting the ones I did shoot is in no way to diminish the other pilots that I was unable to photograph. The weather affected how many good pictures I was able to get. I have included pilots/aircraft that were flying with the fini-flight pilot as well.

A huge thanks goes to everyone at the 104th FW Operations for helping coordinate the photos, the crews having aircraft available, pilots for making great passes even when the weather was poor, and to the outstanding folks at the Barnes Municipal Airport and Tower - these photos would not have the same effect without your assistance.

18 July 2007 19 July 2007 20 July 2007 26 July 2007 17 August 2007

 - 18 July 2007





- 19 July 2007





- 20 July 2007





- 26 July 2007






- 17 August 2007








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