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As a child, I built models of many machines, but World War 2 aircraft was a primary theme for me. I became interested again in military aviation around 1990, and modern military aircraft was now my focus. I shot many pictures during the 1990s and early 2000s. In 2004, I purchased a Kodak DX6490 camera and attended a Maple Flag exercise at CFB Cold Lake, Canada with a good friend from Edmonton. I was fortunate to have media access, and my desire and commitment to photograph escalated - especially with the ability of digital photography.


Now owning multiple Nikon digital single lens reflex cameras and lenses, and with the help and advice of many good friends, I have continued my drive to shoot quality images. With so many changes happening in the near future on the military aircraft landscape, I find it important as ever to photograph these aircraft and people.


My images have appeared in Fox News Network story on the 104th FW, Pratt and Whitney F-22 Press Release, Lockheed's "Galaxy Report" magazine, Scrambled by Martin RichardCombat Aircraft magazine, Atlantic Flyer newspaper, Bradley International Airport's The Airport News, Otis Air National Guard Base Otis Notice and Fine Scale Modeler, as well as the reference books and scale model decals below.


Prints of my work hang in the Massachusetts National Guard Headquarters, Adirondack Air to Ground Range, Nellis AFB, USAF/ANG's 74th Fighter Squadron, 493rd Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Wing, 102nd Fighter Wing, 103rd Fighter Wing, 104th Fighter Wing, 108th Air Refueling Wing, 109th Airlift Wing, 111th Fighter Wing, 125th Fighter Wing, 144th Fighter Wing, 158th Fighter Wing, US Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod, Rhode Island National Guard, US Navy's VFA-106, Barnes Regional Airport, Bradley International Airport and New England Air Museum.

My scale models reside in the USAF/ANG's 43rd Fighter Squadron, model and briefing sticks for the 95th Fighter Squadron,102nd Fighter Wing, 103rd Airlift Wing, 104th Fighter Wing, 158th Fighter Wing, 159th Fighter Wing, 173rd Fighter Wing, USAF's East and West Coast F-16 Demo Teams, USAF F-22 Demo Team, US Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod, US Marine Corps Strike Fighter Squadron VMFA-115, US Navy VFA-106 and US Marine Corps Strike Fighter Squadron VMFA-122.


I have written articles for the website as well.

A PDF file with the publications can be found here.


Some more of my background:


F-15 flight with the 102nd Fighter Wing at Otis ANGB on Cape Cod on 7 July 2006


UH-60 Blackhawk Rides with the Rhode Island National Guard

bullet Flew with the 109th Airlift Wing on a LC-130H to Colorado Springs
bullet I have flown 2 times with the US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team
bullet I build and donate F-15 display models to the 102nd FW for their Pilot for a Day Program

I have been very fortunate to have base visits and media access at many bases and airshows


I was able to photograph the 43rd Fighter Squadron's F-22s up close at Tyndall AFB, FL

I have developed good relationships with many of the Air National Guard units and airports/control towers near me
  • Developed and donated the website for the Cape Cod 2007 Airshow



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Two Bobs F-15A WTC Scramblers (Image copyright Two Bobs)


Two Bobs A-10A Black Lightning (Image copyright Two Bobs)


Two Bobs Last of the Tomcats (VF-213/VF-143) (Image copyright Two Bobs)


Two Bobs Sunshine State Eagles (Image copyright Two Bobs)


Two Bobs Shades of Gray Omars (Image copyright Two Bobs) 


Two Bobs A-10A Philadelphia Freedom (Image copyright Two Bobs) 


Kedi Decals Connecticut ANG A-10A (Image copyright Kedi Decals)



Kedi Decals New England Patriots A-10A (Image copyright Kedi Decals)




Superscale VMFA-115 F/A-18+ (Image copyright Superscale)